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Müller & Schindler and Faksimile Verlag participate at the BIBF 2018

The 25th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF 2018) is taking place from the 22ndto the 26thof August 2018 in Beijing, China, and Müller and Schindler Verlag, together with Faksimile Verlag, will form part of the biggest book trade fair in Asia. You can find us, integrated in the German Pavillon, at booth number E1.D20. It is our aim to grow our business and to make a first step into the Chinese book market sharing our know-how as well as introducing our facsimile editions to an international audience. We would particularly like to highlight the manuscripts which are travelling with us and which we are presenting during the BIBF:


BIBF 2018, Livre des merveilles, Buch der Wunder, Book of Marvels, Wonders, antiker Reisebericht, travelogue, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Fr. 2810, fol. 141-225

The Travels of Jean de Mandeville from the famous Book of Marvels is published for the first time in a perfect and faithfully imitated facsimile edition. The original work, dating back to the 15th century, is considered to be the most popular travelogue of the European Middle Ages. On 74 miniatures, artfully designed and heightened with gold, we learn details about exceptional occurrences, which the knight Jean de Mandeville experienced during his 30-year journey.


BIBF 2018, Jagdbuch, Gaston Phoebus, Gaston III., Graf von Fix und Béarn, the art of hunt, livre de chasse, count of Foix and Béarn, The Morgan Library & Museum, New York, M.1044, Ende des 14. Jh., end of 14th century, mittelalterliche Handschrift, medieval manuscript, book illumination, Buchmalerei

Gaston Phoebus – the Master of Game may be considered as one of the most interesting testimonials to the cultural history of its time. Gaston III, count of Foix and Béarn in the south of France, wrote his “Livre de chasse”, or Master of Game, in the years 1387–1389. Gaston de Foix, because of his bright blond hair also called “Phoebus” after the Greek sun god, describes in his four-part hunting book not only the at that time common forms of hunting, but also presents an impressive natural history, which – long before the times of the empiric sciences – was based on the extensive observation of different species and was used as a text book well into the 19th century.


BIBF 2018, Sakramentar Heinrichs II; Sacramentary of Hery II; Buchmalerei, book illumination, München, Bayrische Staatsbibliothek, CLM 4456; um 1000, Regensburg, Munich, Bavarian State Library, around 1000, Regensburg, Germany, Faksimile, facsimile

The Sacramentary of Henry II is a book impressive as the imperial crown itself. The original manuscript was commissioned by the future Emperor Henry II and enchants with both, the miniatures which are richly clad with gold and silver decorations and also the full-page ornamental script mirror, underlining Henry’s claim to authority as “ruler in the House of God”.
The unique and complete facsimile edition is published in only 333 hand-numbered copies and comprises a total of 718 pages. The leaves have been trimmed in accordance with the original book and sewn by hand.


BIBF 2018, Turmbau zu Babel, Tower of Babel, British Library, London, Ms. Add. 18850, Paris, early 15th century, frühes 15. Jh. Jahrhundert, Bedford Hours, Bedford-Stundenbuch, Livres d'heures, Bedford Masters, Bedford-Meister, Faksimile, facsimile, Buchmalerei, book illumination, fol. 17v

The Bedford Hours

is undoubtedly the most precious medieval Book of Hours and a crowning achievement of Parisian book painting, originating from the early 15th century. The elaborate decoration, the understanding of perspectives and their depiction, and the expressive mimicry of the people portrayed are all proof of the incredible innovation energy of the “Bedford Masters”. Famous miniatures, such as the Tower of Babel – a building site populated by countless zealous workers – bear testimony to the book illuminator’s exactness and love of detail.



BIBF 2018, Islam, book art, book illumination, facsimile, Faksimile, islamische Buchkunst, Buchmalerei, Jüngling mit Falke, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Arabe 6076, folio 7r, Abū Zayd und al-Harith auf See, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Arabe 6094, folio 68r, Chosrau vor Schirins Palast, Paris, Musée du Louvre, MA 1036

Masterpieces of Islamic Book Illumination

comply a total of 20 valuable single facsimile pages.  These precious Islamic manuscripts form a worldwide unique collection presenting the achievements of calligraphers and miniaturists from more than 10 centuries and different cultures from the Islamic world. As original facsimile editions they can give an interested audience worldwide an understanding of the Islamic heritage without endangering the originals.




If you want to take this opportunity to discover our works, if you are interested in a specific volume or if you want to present an individual project to us, we will receive you with pleasure at our stand E1.D20. If you wish to make a personal appointment, please send us a message.


22nd– 26th of August 2018




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