Last Saturday, together with our partner publishing house, the Faksimile Verlag, we launched our FACSIMILE CHALLENGE on Instagram and Facebook. The challenge consists in choosing a miniature from our publishing program and re-creating the scene, or imitating the person depicted, only with conventional things.

This idea is not new as it originated in Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum initiated the “Tussen art en quarantaine challenge” (between art and quarantine), where the aim is to recreate famous paintings with only three things that can be found at home. The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles also adopted this idea and by now famous paintings are being reproduced at home, photographed and shared all around the world.


It fills us with satisfaction that art and culture found a way to be present and to be admired even in times of isolation and inaccessibility of museums. At the same time, actions of this kind make life in quarantine more varied and help us, even if it is only for a moment, to switch off and enjoy art in another way.


This is the reason why we launched our FACSIMILE CHALLENGE and we would be more than happy to receive your creative contributions. More information can be found on our website under “FACSIMILE CHALLENGE”, where you can also take a look at our gallery with a selection of the best photos received so far.

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Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles