Following the traces of Flemish book art

A new office for our publishing house

Müller und Schindler, together with our partners at Faksimile Verlag are moving on to Benelux, former Flanders, the source of some of the most important manuscripts of all times.

From our new office in the centre of Amsterdam we are continuing our global expansion in order to grant easier access to our historical and cultural heritage, not only to bibliophiles and academics specialized in the Flemish Middle Ages, but for everybody who appreciates and admires fine book art.

Some of the era’s most renowned artists in the creation of miniatures have their origin in the Flemish school, only to mention the Limbourg Brothers, who illustrated the unique codex “Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry” among others.

Simon Bening, an illustrator from Bruges, and the well-known writer Antonius van Damme created together “The Van Damme Hours”, considered one of the masterpieces of Flemish manuscript illumination in its last Golden Era. Simon Bening, probably the most famous illuminator in art history, was not only busy with manuscripts but also surprises with the fascinating Stein Quadriptych, which remains unique right through the present day and reveals across a tiny area the entire skills of Europe’s unrivalled master illuminator.

Even Isabella the Catholic of Castile commissioned her prayer book to Flemish artists, who created “The Hours of the Flemish Masters”.

Another example for the highly creative quality in the Flemish school are “The Hours of Catherine of Cleves”, recognized as one of the most outstanding prayer books of the Middle Ages.

For more information about these publications and other extraordinary medieval and Renaissance works, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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