New release 2019: the Royal Psalter of Sainte-Chapelle

Exciting news: new release 2019! We would like to present to you our upcoming project: The fascinating Royal Psalter of Sainte-Chapelle (Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal, Ms. 1186), dated to the year 1230 and presumably created for Blanche de Castille, the mother of King Louis the Saint, will be published for the first time as true-to-the-orginal fine art facsimile-edition! Originated at a time when Paris became the most important center of manuscript production in Europe, inspired by the luminosity of gothic cathedral windows, this codex with its ornate miniatures and luxurious gold decoration is undoubtedly on e of the most beautiful creations of French book illumination in the 13th century.

The facsimile edition is going to be released 2019 at the publishing house Müller und Schindler in the same premium quality. Please contact us if you would like to receive more information about the new release of the Royal Psalter of Sainte-Chapelle.