A long-awaited reunion in Frankfurt

We report from the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021

This year’s Frankfurt Book Fair 2021 fell under the motto “Re: connect”. And indeed: it was a pleasure to meet again! After almost two years, we – together with our colleagues, the Faksimile Verlag and Eikon Editores – were able to welcome our customers, business partners and loyal friends to our booth.

As expected, the event was smaller than the previous editions, but we can still look back contently on a successful book fair. We are very happy that we were present in Frankfurt embracing the opportunity to expand our business contacts and intensify existing business relationships. Once again we became aware of the importance of face-to-face exchanges and meetings in person.

We keep up with the times

Naturally, we also thought of our partners, who unfortunately could not be on site in Frankfurt this year. In line with our motto “in the service of tradition and innovation”, we broadcasted on the first trade fair day directly from our booth via livestream. In addition to our new facsimile releases, we also provided an insight into Haltadefinizione EU – a groundbreaking art project.

If you missed our live broadcasts or if you would like to watch both livestreams again, we invite you to review both sessions here:

Livestreaming (part 1): New releases & "high-resolution" projects

Ankündigung des ersten Livestreams. Links Detailaufnahmen verschiedener Kunstwerke und rechts ein Ausschnitt aus dem Livestream.

We introduce you to this year’s new facsimile releases. Furthermore, we make a little detour into the world of Haltadefinizione EU – a revolutionary approach to artworks!

Live streaming (part 2): faithfully artworks - pixel by pixel

Ankündigung des zweiten Livestreams. Links Detailaufnahmen verschiedener Kunstwerke und rechts ein Ausschnitt aus dem Livestream.

In cooperation with the Italian publishing house Franco Cosimo Panini Editore S.p.A., we are presenting a revolutionary approach to artworks. We demonstrate you a groundbreaking project, which defines art in a new way – Haltadefinizione EU.

We are reaching for the stars

This year we are embarking on a glamorous journey to the stars with our new facsimile releases. From time immemorial, the starry sky has fascinated and excited mankind. For this reason, astronomy is one of the oldest sciences of all – myths, rites, ruler cults, cultic worship of the stars, the development of calendar systems and more generally the determination of time were linked to this science, which was also always accompanied by a mystical component. Among star constellations, you also meet an astronomer who uses his astrolabe to take a look at the sky.

Our publisher Charlotte Kramer presented during the book fair together with Dr. Dieter Röschel a novelty from our company every day. We therefore invite you to visit our booth again and to find out more about our new releases and current projects:

The Stars of Samarkand – Ulugh Beg’s book of the fixed stars by Al-Sufi

A manuscript that gives us a glimpse of the fabulous Samarkand of the 15th century – a cultural and scientific centre of the Silk Road and today a synonym for oriental splendour under the Timurid dynasty. Prince Ulugh Beg, a scientist on a ruler’s throne, had the famous text of Al-Sufi calligraphed and painted as a magnificent manuscript for his library.

The Aratea Vaticana – a dazzling trip to the stars

It is definitely a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance. This magnificent codex is one of the most beautiful astronomical manuscripts of medieval book illumination, which illustrates the famous poem by Aratos from Soloi with 40 gold-framed miniatures.

The Royal Psalter of Sainte-Chapelle – an astronomer with astrolabe

This manuscript, dated 1230 and presumably created for Blanche de Castille, the mother of King Louis the Saint, was produced at a time when Paris was the most important centre of manuscript production in Europe. Inspired by the luminosity of Gothic cathedral windows, this codex with its ornate miniatures and luxurious gold decoration is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of French book illumination of the 13th century.

The baker’s daughter – true to detail pixel by pixel

Get to know La Fornarina, the painter Rapahael’s preferred model. Thanks to the extremely high-resolution image data in gigapixels from Haltadefinizione EU,unique access to every detail of this artwork is opened up in a way that has never been seen before.

Finally, we would like to share a few impressions from the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021 with you. We say thank you to our colleagues and friends of the publishing house for their keen interest and great support before, during and after the fair.

See you again in Frankfurt 2022!

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