Luxury box: Masterpieces of Islamic Book Illumination

The luxury box Masterpieces of Islamic Book Illumination complies a special selection of 12 valuable single fine art facsimile pages, collected in a leathern presentation case with gold embossing.  These precious Islamic manuscripts form a worldwide unique collection presenting the achievements of calligraphers and miniaturists from more than 10 centuries and different cultures from the Islamic world. As original facsimile editions they can give an interested audience worldwide an understanding of the Islamic heritage without endangering the originals.

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Each page is reproduced faithfully to look exactly as the precious original: every aspect, colours, and the shining gold –wherever existent – are being reproduced down to the smallest detail. Even the cutting is irregular, completely like the original.

Every single leaf is presented on a luxury paper passepartout. Describing texts in Arabic and English accompany each leaf, which is protected by a Luxury Presentation Map printed with foil gold.

12 single leafs, exclusively selected from this edition, are available in a limited luxury edition: a luxury box, worked out in real leather with rich gold embossing.

We see ourselves with the presentation of the luxury box “Masterpieces of Islamic Book Illumination” as cultural ambassador with the aim to open an exchange between the occidental and Islamic world.

12 selected pages of the luxury box:

1. Young man with a Falcon (from: Album of paintings, Iran, 17th-18th century)

2. Mirābs (from: Qur’an of Yāqūt al-Mustaʿṣimī, Irak, 1289 CE)

3. Riders with Lances (from: Kitāb al-maḫzūn ğāmiʿ al-funūn (“Treatise on Military Arts”), Egypt, 1470 CE)

4. Abū Zayd and al-Harith sailling on the Euphrates (from: Al-Maqāmāt by al-Ḥarīrī, Basra, 13th century CE)

5. View of the city of Medina (from: Dalāʾil al-ḫayrāt („Ottoman Empire“), 19th century CE)

6. Khosrow approaches Shirin on her Balcony (from: Khosrow and Shirin, Schâhnâmeh, Iran, 17th century CE)

7. Leave from the “Blue Qur’an” (from: Blue Qur’an, Tunisia, 9th -10th century CE)

8. Ravens (from: Kalila wa Dimna, Egypt, 1310 CE)

9. Dedication picture (from: The Book of Theriac, around 1220-40)

10. The Prophet Muhammad in a Mountain Landscape with two Followers (from: Siyar-i Nabi („The Life of the Prophet“), Istanbul, around 1594-95 CE)

11. The Great Mosque of Mecca (from: Futūḥ al-Ḥaramayn (“The Triumph of the Holy Places”), Mecca, late 16th century CE)

12. Muhammed (from: Mirâj Nâmeh, Herat, 1436 CE)


More information is available in our blog, in a press release of the ORF and on a website about our serie “Masterpieces of Islamic book illumination”.

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