March calendar image

Calender page: March
fine art facsimile of a single leaf by Simon Bening
Provenance: Bruges, around 1550
Library: British Library, London; call number Add. MS 18855



Simon Bening (1483/84 – 1561), son of the prominent painter Alexander (Sanders) Bening, was a famous illuminator with very successful workshops in the wealthy Flemish towns of Ghent and Bruges.

In the calendar page of March motifs from the life of nobility are combined with rural scenes. It is part of a small collection of eight calendar pictures (in the British Library: March and June on rectos, December and July verso – four further ones are in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London). The sequence of these miniatures does not allow any conclusion that they were meant for a codex, so they must have been painted by the master to serve as models in his workshop.

Additional information

Dimensions 22 × 17 cm